Been reading this thread, and what strikes me is the moaning of some, at the pro being the root cause of not having enough help to execute a test. BS..........

From my experience, and that is 13 years a club member, working 2 tests a season, both days,( except 1 test), I find a piss poor attitude among a group of club members, every year and every test regarding helping at the event. Each and every year 20% do most of the heavy lifting and the same old slugs only show up at training nights or have the excuse that " I can't work, I am running my dog"

I will say things are better now than when I first joined, but so many still have this entitlement attitude that it is becoming harder and harder to muster any enthusiasm to keep going. And when new people see members who have been with the club a while or are officers in the club sitting back, doing little or nothing, they figure why the heck should I bust my butt if joe blow can sit and watch dogs run.

I have always felt that as a host club, it is our responsibility to do eveything possible to execute a gret event. And if that means I don't run my dog, so be it. Being a part of a club, to me, means not having to be asked twice to lend a hand. And evey time I judge, I tell the handlers that if they are not a club member,, please think of becoming one. Give back.