Ever seen or hunted a (Crippled or 3 Legged Dog) ??? LOOKING FOR HOPE!
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Thread: Ever seen or hunted a (Crippled or 3 Legged Dog) ??? LOOKING FOR HOPE!

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    Default Ever seen or hunted a (Crippled or 3 Legged Dog) ??? LOOKING FOR HOPE!

    I am sure some of you have read my post around 3 weeks ago about my pup breaking her leg in the front elbow resulting in Salter Harris Fracture 4 in the growth plate. Everything was going great until she was showing signs of fluid build up at the incision site so I took her in for a check ! After X-rays it was found the screw that was used to repair her fracture is backing out !!! I didn't know either to puke or cry ! I had and still am treating her like a infant, I have totally changed my life around to take care of her, and the bad news keeps rolling in !!!
    The good news is the bone is still in perfect postion and has not moved yet !
    The Ortho Surgeon put a cast on her that is all the way around her chest, and runs down to her toe nails on the fractured leg ! And basically this is our last chance and is a hail marry at a fix to hopefully hold the bone in place, and keep the screw from backing out anymore until enough healing takes place to hold everything !

    Also she will have to have another surgery now regardless the outcome to remove the screw to keep it from damaging tissue from backing out !

    The outcome, yet still praying and hopefull !!!!! is not looking good for her now to make a full recovery without some degree of lameness in the affected leg, BUT that will be a while before we know just how much, and will be determined on if the bone stays were it is now !!!

    Just curious if any of you folks have ever seen or hunted a dog that had some degree of lameness, or unable to have full use of a leg due to a injury ? She is such a wonderful pup, has a great bloodline, and was doing GREAT in training before her injury ! I am just looking for some degree of hope right now that I will still have a hunting partner for a few years anyway ! Even if she is unable to make a full recovery on her leg !

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    IT has been quit a few years ago but I have seen a 3 legged dog running season test. My husband judged the dog. He did great work and did not know he was any diff than the other dogs. He just adapted. Ran full on on marks and good blinds. I do not remember who owned the dog, but I think someone in Louisiana since that would have been where we judged the most. Good luck with your pup.

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    Saw one run in southern Idaho and what a sight he was ran full speed to the marks and ran really godod blinds. If I remember right he was running a master test as that was the only thing I was running.
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    Had a lady run test dog for us a few years back at Senior. Only had 3 legs. The dog did better than all the dogs in the test.
    You can also check with the Janitor on his dog

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    Our janitor Chris Atkinson's "Luke" suffered a severe fracture in a boating accident. Lost his leg because of it. I saw him run test dog on three legs at a finished test.

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    hunted with one once this season. the owner said he was in the back of the truck and jumped out and shattered his back leg. basically the vet said it would require 6 months of sedation to let the pins set or amputation. he chose amputation and 2 months later he was hunting.

    i felt bad for the dog for having an owner that just put him in the back of the truck no kennel or anything. the whole situation could have been avoided. but he didnt let that slow him down. he was hauling tail after ducks and this was flooded timber in arkansas. not many 4 legged dogs can get around there well with snags, sticks, and brush everywhere

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    Bill Dumas of Central FL HRC ran a 3 legged Golden in hunt tests. His ph # is 352 694-3924

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    A guy out in AZ has ran a 3-legged dog for years in Master, hunts her as well, only thing he gets concerned with is long retrieves in ick Mud. He broke his own hip awhile back. He's noted as saying "We've got 4 good legs btw us "
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    Doesn't seem to bother this one much...

    Bill Davis

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