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Thread: AKC Test "Score Card" Protocol?

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    A word of advice to new judges....

    I won't discuss a dog's result or show my score sheet unless my co-judge is with me and we both have our book. The issue is that you and the co-judge are just that, co-judges. Effectively, you each have 50% of the "vote" on whether the dog passes or fails. Don't let yourself be drawn into a situation similar to a teenager asking mom and dad separately about going to the movies.

    I don't necessarily show the numbers. I talk about how the dog did this or that...the good points and the points to be worked on. I really use my drawings to assist in this discussion. I find that trying to explain why a dog got a 6 instead of a 7 to be sort of useless. First of all, the co-judge and I agreed on whether the dog passed or failed. Once that's done, the numbers are sort of meaningless. Justifying my 6 as opposed to the co-judge's 7 is a waste of time. Second, we're not going to judge the dog next time. Therefore, telling the handler about the issues that caused us to grade a certain way is much more useful ( "he really handled that change of cover on the blind well but then got sort of fooled by the crosswind" ) than discussing/arguing about the awarded numbers.

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    First question I ask a participant is "how did you score your performance?" Mostly, for myself, I am harder on us than judges are but not all are understandably. I keep sheets a year but I have no idea why.
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    As a judge i don't find it on bit intrusive for somebody to have a question about their dogs performance. If I made a mistake I want it resolved! In most cases, when the handler has a question, I almost always remember what happened because I made a well thought decision and it is fresh on my mind. I'll show the handler their own page, but I always explain it, knowing that they can't read my notes. I NEVER leave the pages in the book for all of the club members to see.

    If you don't understand why you were not called back, ask the Marshall. Any judge that has respect for the game and the dog will be eager to resolve the questions.
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