Best tip for hot spot from ecollar
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Thread: Best tip for hot spot from ecollar

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    Default Best tip for hot spot from ecollar

    What are some tips to help clear up a hot spot from an ecollar. That you have tried and work well.
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    For me EMT gel on the spots then next time tighten the collar more so it won’t rock on the neck.

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    Hadn't thought about EMT Gel. For that matter, they make an EMT Gel spray product that might work even better.

    However, what I use on hotspots is a product called Coolspot 2000. It's a holistic product made from grapefuit seeds. I've had hotspots resolved in a matter of 2-3 days with this product. It's available on the web.

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    Best thing I have ever found for hotspots is a mix 1:1 of listerine and baby oil

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    Trimming or shaving the hair in the area so you get some air flow and drying helps too. Making sure you have the collar good and tight prevents hot spots, especially if the dog is wearing the collar for long periods of time and/or in wet conditions.
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    I' have an old shepherd mix that used to get hot spots all the time. I would shave the area around it then use gold bond or baby powder to help it dry out. Once dry wash the area and use some sort of antiseptic to help it heal. Not sure if that's the best way to go about it, but it worked for me!
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    Don't know much about treatments.

    To prevent it from happening next time, make sure the collar is tight as others have said. Another option is to move the collar(receiver) on the dogs neck a couple of times. I usually put the collar on the right side of the neck in the morning, after a couple of hours I rotate it to the left.

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