Suggestions for a Book or DVD on Obedience
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Thread: Suggestions for a Book or DVD on Obedience

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    Default Suggestions for a Book or DVD on Obedience

    I need to find a book and maybe a DVD on obedience training a lab that is straight forward and easy to read/understand. Here's the catch: I need it for a 10 yr old. My granddaughter wants to train one so she can be just like me! (I know that's kinda funny) She really wants to try this. So I need something maybe w/ captioned pics & as I said: an easy read &/or a DVD. Suggestions please!

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    Connie Cleveland's Dog's are Problem Solvers might be worth a try. There are pictures and she has a DVD set that is really good. I think with the two of you going through together might be doable. Connie's info really good and worth the money.
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    I second Connie's book and DVD.

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