Lazer tag? anyone?
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Thread: Lazer tag? anyone?

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    Default Lazer tag? anyone?

    Gauge is a little over a year old. We have been through FF and we are working on FTP with the e-collar. His OB is good with moderate distractions.

    This is not a skills issue, but might be an OB problem.

    Have you ever played with a cat and a lazer pointer? Well, Gauge is like that over any light. Especially a flashlight. He looses all sense of training. This was funny when he was young and the boys would shine a flashlight on the ground and he chased the spot. He will bark and run until he drops. He foams at the mouth and even out of his nose. He will jump head high trying to bite the beam if he can see it. His level of anxiety is dangerously high. I thought that he would mature and grow bored with that game. He will even do this with shadows in the house. Sometimes it is his shadow. He may walk under a light and see his (or someone elses) shadow and he will stop and begin an intense search/attack.

    Sounds harmless enough but...last night I was outside with a headlight on, and he was barking and running. I put him in the pin and he barked non stop. When I let him back out he went nuts looking for the light. Now, if you duck hunt you know it can't be done without a light. I can control his running by standing over him and being persistant with "sit". With force I can "manage" his barking. But he will whine and he is obviously too distracted to be trusted.

    Maybe I need to put a disco ball in his kennel to de-sensitize him to lights.

    Incidentally, he is the same way with a water hose. That's less of an issue for the duck hunter.

    How would you go about breaking him from this psychosis?

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    Sounds like he is doing what he was trained to do.
    Looks like you need to continue to force break a bad habit.
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