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Thread: Higher Education

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDogger View Post
    Primary and secondary school American History courses are much like Reader's Digest condensed versions. How much can you really pack into a high school required course?

    I took a few history courses in college. The content was generally narrowly focused, and the required reading was usually that produced by the instructor. Lists of suggested readings were supplied however.

    In the final analysis, if one wishes to be educated and informed, one will be, or not, as one chooses.

    I was not an English Major so I apologize for any mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation or syntax.

    I believe that self-education far outways the value of public education.

    To bad we don't try to instill that value, rather than the value of one size fits all. Pass the test...you're done... No child left behind...JD
    On a lite note many years ago I worked for the school fund raising divison of RDA. AKA QSP.
    Back to topic at hand.
    I was never an English major and don't care about my many typos.
    School should teach facts, teach math without machines, as for the "no child" crap that is nothing more than real taxpayers being forced by gov't taking by force their hard earned money and wasting it making the working taxpayer pay for crap for the slimes brats!
    GET THE F out of taxpayer force paid babysittinf for welare leaches 3 and 4 year olds!!!!
    Hihope Hiland Heathen of Perth CD, RE, CGC, TDI. (RIP)
    teracroft Clan Piper of Perth CGC TDI (RIP)
    Boyne's Fast Break of Perth RN CGC CGCU( munchin in training)

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    If it disagrees with the crap you have been fed by talk radio and cable news it is wrong. That is the thing about history...its history and what people thought at the time many times gets proven wrong.

    Just like when Nobel Prize winners disagree with your believes or the bull shit being fed to you...they are idiots. Doesn't matter that they have proven their work. All that matters is some idiot on FOX news says they are wrong and are the enemy.

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