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Hi Polmaise, Much thanks for chiming in! I am not trying to troubleshoot a problem I am having. I was just curious about training methods. I am gathering that you and Mr. Mallori are in the same camp---they don't happen much, nothing to deal with.

I'm still hoping you will describe what the "run in" is!
No probs mitty! Glad to.
Not using a collar programme doesn't always mean that one chooses not to. In the UK it simply isn't required for what we do in tests or trials, and in some parts the use of a collar is illegal. ....But that doesn't mean we are all 'positive only' trainers either,far from it! attrition and aversive training is very much on the agenda. We (trainers) however are continually looking outside the box and have to be ever so imaginative and inventive to resolve issues which arise 'outside of e-collar approach or remedy'? The process and procedures and drills however are actually the same or very similar. For myself,I joined this forum to understand more about the training techniques and further understanding of how you guys approach things with the collar!!
Running in' , Is the best way I would (have) used for a no-goer' because steadiness is one of the easiest things to train for, once the dog wants to go go go! They are all dogs whether they have stars and stripes or Union jacks ,and some will just have a brain fart! during 'pressure' of training, So introducing some au naturale' see/chase/catch for a retriever when this pressure is too much ,just lets the gas out the head!