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Thread: Walking baseball diagram

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlsweep View Post
    For an end of transition dog, during the first few times running this drill would you recall for a PIL?

    How about a bad cast? Would you: Recall, sit nick sit, use attrition giving literal casts and work it out?

    Thanks for the constructive dialog.
    The first time I run this drill with a new pup I will most likely follow the pup to keep the distance between him and me short, stop and handle like a normal blind as they drift offline. It would have to be a complete bail out before I'd call a pup at that level back. Also, it's a pretty featureless field so there isn't a lot there to send them offline.

    I don't burn on this drill. I'm going to repeat it over several days and I do not want any hot spots giving the dog baggage out there. Also, they don't know precise casting at this age. What would you burn for? If they are giving you effort and having trouble you want to simplify. If he keeps giving you an angle left when you want a straight back left then move up closer to the back pile 10 yards, if he still f's it up, stop and move up another 5-10 yards. Figure the dog is trying, so you teach and encourage him. You do not want him to be giving you the best he can give you, and you're burning him for it. Just think what that would do to your attitude if your roles were reversed. I wouldn't want to work for a boss like that. You don't let him get away with a bad cast, of course, but keep corrections to a matter of fact, "No," and a whistle sit. Not a mad, "NO!" Even for the big dogs, when doing this drill, I have a rule of thumb of two bad casts in a row and I simplify. Usually, in this drill, that means I move up. I both move the dog closer to the pile and also I cast from closer to the dog.
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    Thank you Howard!

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