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Thread: New Breeder Question: Full or Limited Registration?

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    Senior Member Mike Peters-labguy23's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard N View Post
    I won't buy one with a limited.

    Me either. Too much invested to have to count on the breeder to convert to a full. For example right now I have a well bred female all health clearances and a SH with a couple derby ribbons. The breeder is my brother, we are not really speaking anymore for a different reason but if my female was sold on a limited I doubt I could get him to convert it.

    Just my deal. If you are going to limit make sure your customers know before they put a deposit down.
    Mike Peters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn White View Post

    Define your basic title ... FC ,QAA Mh, top notch gun dog , excellent family pet, service dog ?Sorry ,you generalize to many people into that group to have any kind of ground to stand on.

    I find it hard to believe that most anyone on this forum would struggle with the concept of a "basic title". Interesting to note that you list advanced titles (QAA or MH) or no title at all (excellent family pet) but you miss any entry level title at all (JH, RN, CGC). The op asked what the breeders did and why. If you want to find out what the buyers are looking for and why perhaps you should start another thread.

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    Not a breeder. As a buyer, I don't buy if there is a limited reg, co-ownership, or (the worst requirement IMO) a litter-back arrangement. FWIW, I don't ask for a health guarantee either, except that the puppy doesn't die of an infectious disease within a few days. I want to see certain health tests on the parents but realize that many of the health tests aren't very useful and aren't very good predictors of whether the pup will have an issue. Genetics is still a roll of the dice.
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    I was given a nice yellow lab bitch, by a young man who got deployed. The dog was from a kennel/breeder I was not familiar with. After several months the pup really begin to shine and has become a a dog I think I could run tests with. The young marine had the pup registered, but a limited registration. When I called to check on the registration, the breeder informed me that they would issue full registration for several hundred dollars more. They stated they issued limited reg. if the owner was not going to breed, and charged more for the pup if the owner was going to breed. I was not aware of this policy policy and was a little put off by it. What are ya'lls thoughts ?

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    I don't understand the needed titles.For what purpose?If folks have the time ,resources and energy to activately train and show/campaign their dog that's great. it's not everyones cup of tea. I sell to many hunters many of who never even register their dog . They are interested in a wellbred Golden that has a longline of health clearances that will make his family happy in the off season and make the hunter even happier during hunting season. I also sell my puppies limited as well to the pet folks.I'm also from the "old school' and don;'t have long involved contracts either. IMHO. Off coarse Sue
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    I can't see charging more for full registration. I want them to spend that money on health clearances...not on my holding the registration hostage.
    Sharon Potter

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    I wouldn't buy limited. I guess I can see why some would sell on limited.
    John Lash

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    Limited till they get their health clearances? Dang people must not be to confidant in the pups they are selling.
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    What would happen if something happened to the breeder before there was time to complete the tests and get the titles? For that reason I would not buy a puppy on a limited registration if I even thought that I someday want a pup from him/her.
    When it stops being fun, I will find something else to do with my time and money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharon Potter View Post
    Most of mine sell on limited, with that being lifted once they've turned two and have all the appropriate clearances. The exception would be someone I know and that I can trust will be competing the dog....and they have a history of competition. Those folks get full registration straight away. The vast majority of my pups go to hunting homes and won't be competing or running hunt tests, so their owners don't care about limited....
    My reasoning? I don't want any of my pups to end up in a puppy mill.
    Basically, this exactly.... But also, if a dog out there is being bred from, and Waterspook is on the papers(as it will be), I want to know that they have passed the clearances, I require all the same hoops that I jump through before breeding- for them to do as well. Hopefully,its enough education on them by that point that they will also breed that dog to someone with the same clearances.. Dont want to see a litter in the newspaper down the road, " AKC Lab pups- Titled hunting lines- Waterspook lines....." etc... you get the drift.....
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