Good morning everyone,

Well having two dogs to train has been an eye opening experience for me. Peyton was my first, and now that the family decided we needed to keep a puppy from her we have Bindi, who is about 8 months old now. She is way too smart for her own good and way to stubborn to make it easy.

Yesterday, We were finishing our day with some honoring work for both girls, who have been doing outstanding. Well, Bindi decided that waiting for 10-15 seconds didn't sound like too much fun, so after about 5 seconds she was was off like a rocket. By the time I hit the whistle she was about 10 yards away, but she stopped and turned on a dime. I decided instead of correcting her, I would give her a back command and hand signal, and away she went. Maybe she has been watching Peyton more than I know.

I then had her go for the next bumper, and stopped her two times while on her way there. The third one, I had her stop 1/2 way and threw a bumper to her left, having her get that one instead. Then today, she was doing the same, but squaring up perfectly with me when I hit the whistle.

Maybe it wasn't in the plan, but I am defiantly happy with the results so far.