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Thread: Americans Fear Government More Than Terror?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franco View Post
    I'm not one bit concerned with a terrorist killing me. I now drive instead of flying when I can. I'm not worried about a terrorist when flying as much as I hate the TSA and their putting thier hands all over me. I am fearful of our Liberties lost. The bigger the government, the more Liberties we cede to them.
    I'm not in disagreement. I don't fear for myself personally. I do fear when they eventually learn to explode a dirty bomb in a populated area. Again imo, terrorist /government apples and oranges. Both are serious concerns and I don't appreciate what either is bringing to the table.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BonMallari View Post
    I am more afraid of some of the people that show up on POTUS and their mode of thinking and the fact that they may vote...
    Me too!...
    "All those things bother me: The populism, the lying and the scapegoating and the xenophobia bother me, but then there’s a layer of incompetence here. I suppose, in a way, we should be thankful: If he had a coherent ideology, he’d probably be more dangerous." P J O'Rourke

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    And I am more afeared that theys is people out there that believe Gooser is to stupid to vote,, or own a gun!!!!

    Ya know,, we is ALL entitled to an opinion....... Its the more educated folks resposiblity to educate.....

    Peoples opinions need to change!!! How do smart folks go about that???

    Help a guy like Gooser out!!! try not to ram it down my throat though... It becomes religion then like liberalisum!!

    It is far easier to spit on the work of others than it is to produce something better yourself.
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