Retriever Results, Vol. III issue, dated May 8, 2013, contains a statistical break-down of the 120 dogs who have qualified to run in the 2013 National Amateur to be held in June. There will be more to qualify, but probably not many more as we are approaching the cut off date.

AGE: On the average, dogs who have qualified are 7.2 years old. That's the average age; most of the dogs will be 5 years old.

TITLES: 57% (68 dogs) are FC/AFCs
23 % (28 dogs) are AFC only.
13% (4 dogs) are FC only.
3% (3 dogs) are either NAFC or NFC.

BREED: Labradors dominate with more males qualifying than females.

There are other interesting statistics to ponder. Don't miss this report from Retriever Results.