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Thread: Feeding Puppy Once a day

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    I feed my pup three times a day a cup each feeding.If I fed her once a day she would eat it all in a minute and get sick.

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    Try a food with more animal protein. Dr. Tim's, Annamaet, Red Paw

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    Are all of his teeth in? My pup quit eating for about a week or two around 9-11 weeks and he had some more baby teeth coming in. I assumed he wasn't eating because it wasn't the most comfortable thing chomping on food with a sore mouth. Now at 15 weeks he's fine and eating everything he can.
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    Have a good conversation with your vet, and also call the breeder. I have seen pups with coccidia do this, and they get very sick quickly. One cup a day is not nearly enough, at this age my dogs are eating 3/4- 1 cup 3 or 4 times a day, and are quite lean.
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    So we had enough with the pup not eating what he is suppose to so we brought him in again, there should be no reason this pup isnt eating so we brought stool samples in and the vet has found Giardia. Hopefully now we can start to see some improvement with his appetite and his stool samples.
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