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Thread: Outdoor Kennels

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    Default Outdoor Kennels

    I am considering getting one of these for my pup to be used while I'm at work but am wondering if anyone can recommend a brand/size etc. I was browsing some of the ones at www.k9kennelstore.com and was wondering if anyone here has bought one from here and can give me a review or recommend another type that works well.

    My pup right now is crated during the day in a wire crate in my house and I have my Dad come by and let him out twice a day. I am gone from 6:30 am til a little after 4pm so it's quite a long stretch. Once he is a bit older I'd love to have him outside during the day while I"m gone and know he is safe and secure but with a little more room then the crate provides to lounge around. I live in southern CA so the weather is pretty mild most of the time but we can get temps up to 100 degrees during the summer so I'd want something that has a cover for shade.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I can't get that website to work - but I will say that I contemplated this and found that you can usually find the same thing slightly used on craigslist. I wanted the one sold at homedepot, but wound up getting hte exact same thing for a small fraction of the cost, used.

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    Tractor Supply has a real nice one 5x10 six foot high around 300.

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    tractor supply kennel and stall mates

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    Probably the best investment I made for my dog was putting in a dog run, I believe the dog run was made by "The American Kennel Co" cost approximately 300.00. It's 5' X 10' X 6'. I placed it on the shaded side of my garage in addition to putting a shade tarp over one side. I also placed a dogloo in the dog run, so rain or shine I do not worry about my girl on those days that I have to leave her at home.
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    I've got 4 Scott dog kennels & there great. I have the 8' models with dog houses. Check them out at scottsdogsupply.com.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BILL NE NY View Post
    Tractor Supply has a real nice one 5x10 six foot high around 300.
    X2 I bought one from Menards and one from Tractor supply co. And I wish I would have bought them both from TSC. They are usually on sale for $279. Very nice kennels.
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    anything else can be repaired except the chainlink. If you go that route get the heavy fencing, the lighter fencing will stretch and sag from a dog standing up on it over a short period of time.
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    I have a few 10x10x6 from TSC, not only good kennels for dog, they work good for ducks. I have bought all when they go on sale, I paid around $200 the first time then after that they are around $250 to $275. just watch the sale ads

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