I have had her back for about a year now. I had been going back to him on and off until he went out of town for the winter. I have not got back with him yet, but I will be.
I am not 100% sure on the sound and video, I think I said earlier I thought it was out of time. At times it seems it is and others its good. I do not notice the delay on "back" when running at all, that is why I thought it was.
As far as how she did with the pro, her sits in the video are as best as I can remember. Now I have been around more dogs and know what it should look like. And he did FTP.
Thanks for all the advice. What I have took is going back to forcing to the pile, and once improved then sitting to the pile and correct as needed. If I have left anything out or I am taking this wrong please let me know. Thanks