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Thread: Natural Choice dog food

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    Try Annamaet Manitok (red meat), Annamaet Aqualuk (fish) or Annamaet Option (fish). The Natural Choice food you are talking about is not cheap and it is very low in protein and fat.

    Annamaet is a PA-Based company that made the the first performance food. Well known in hunting and performance circles.

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    Wayne, I'm not a big fan of science diet myself, overpriced for product they have.
    I don't know anything about natural choice, sorry.
    Royal canin puts out an excellent hypoallergenic food according to my vet, but it is spendy. Maybe compare the two and see if they are close in ingredients.
    Sorry your dog has allergies, maybe talk to your vet about seeing a veterinary dermatologist if allergies gets outta control in the future.

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    You might check into Diamond dog food they sell some grain free foods and price is reasonable for a 40# bag.

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    Wayne, look at the ingredients of the two. My boss had checked into it for her grandma and they are the exact same ingredients. Science Diet is just expensive junk. You wouldn't believe how many dogs we groom that are on it that have tons of problems. If we can get thru to the owners and have them change, the issues go away almost always. Science Diet is worse than Pedigree in my opinion!

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    I have been feeding Natural Choice High Energy and Large breed adult for 13 years. No problems my dogs love it but it has gone up in price, like everything!

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    I feed blue buffalo puppy food to my pup all natural no corn got her stools hard.this food expensive 30lb@$51 available at tractor supply can get $5 coupon on internet four star rated.

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    Im going though this right now too. She is on PPP Sport. Real dry skin and going to the vet today for ear issue.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne Nutt View Post
    Has anyone used this dog food.

    Rowdy has an allergy and is currently on Hills D/D Vension and Potatoes. He is doing very well on this food. But this stuff is really expensive.
    I was looking at the Natural Choice brochure. They have a Grain Free Venison meal and Potato formula also. It is a little cheaper than the Hills D/D.

    Does anyone have other recommendations for dog food. I don't know what he is allergic too.

    The vet wanted to wait until he was a year old before testing. He is going in for his annual exam and checkup on 5/22/13. We will discuss testing. He is currently 14 mo. old.

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    My 13 mo old BLF has had digestive issues since day 1. After trying a few different options, Diamond lamb/rice, and what my trainer suggested, Eukanuba sensitive digestion, the vet suggested grain-free Nature's Domain Salmon and Sweet Potato only sold at Costco. In only a few days there was an amazing difference in stools and her energy-not sure that we needed more, but we got it I believe it's around $45 for a 35# bag. I'm sure it won't be the trick for everyone, but it worked great for me.

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    We have had good luck with Victor made in Texas. they have many different blends & are reasonably priced.

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    My one lab had such allergies. Pro plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach worked very well for us.

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