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Thread: Puppy papers?

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    Default Puppy papers?

    if i get a puppy with a dad with papers and even hunting titles and the mother with no papers is there a way that i could enter my puppy into hunt test the puppy is full bloooded


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    well you can get a conditional registration by jumping through hoops - I think you may have to submit a DNA sample so they can test to see if it is truly a purebred dog to get a registration number.

    Here is the site I found
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    Pretty simple if you go with the PAL/ILP choice, you can run AKC HT (and some other events) that way, though dog will need to be altered. http://www.akc.org/reg/ilpex.cfm
    HRC has its own thing too, if dog doesn't have AKC registration, and I don't think the dog has to be altered either, to run HT with them.
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    so if i got a PAL/ILP number with her then i could enter her in hunt test even HRC hunt test?

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    PAL/ILP is for AKC, HRC has similar program. With both, you can run hunt tests, but to run both, you have to "register" for both, not just one and it applies to the other.
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