Frequent Heat Cycles in old dog
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Thread: Frequent Heat Cycles in old dog

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    Senior Member Mike Peters-labguy23's Avatar
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    Default Frequent Heat Cycles in old dog

    We have a almost 12 year old female that is having heat cycles about every 4 months. When she was younger she would cycle around every 7-8 months. He cycles now last longer and she has a creamy discharge for a couple weeks.

    I wish we would have had her spayed when she was younger but we didn't hoping to breed her one last time. Any idea of what is causing the frequent cycles and the gross discharge?
    Mike Peters

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    Senior Member windycanyon's Avatar
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    I'd have her checked by the vet! Pyometra is nothing to mess with!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by windycanyon View Post
    I'd have her checked by the vet! Pyometra is nothing to mess with!!!!

    I agree with windycanyon.

    Jeff Swackhamer

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    Yeah I'd be worried about a pyometra simmering. It's life-threatening if it is left untreated. Your vet will advise you what to do, but when I worked at an emergency clinic we spayed the dogs immediately and supported them post operatively with fluids and antibiotics.
    These dogs however were very sick when presented to us because of the infection. This was awhile ago so maybe things have changed for treatment. I work now in a specialty clinic so i don't deal with these types of problems anymore!
    I hate to say it but I'd wonder about slow growing cancer somewhere in her reproduction, or urinary system at her age.
    Need to get her checked out needless to say. Wish you the best
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