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Thread: How many deposits?

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    Senior Member Bartona500's Avatar
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    Default How many deposits?

    For you guys who breed often, how many deposits do you generally take? I'm always torn with how many. I do an ultrasound around day 30 to confirm pregnancy, but I haven't ever gotten a hard firm count on pups. I can usually tell generally how many from that, whether its a small litter (4-6) or a big litter (8-10) or a massive litter (10+).

    You guys who don't get a spine count, how many deposits do you take? And if you take a lot, do you just tell people they will "probably" get a pup and offer their money back and/or first deposits on the next litter after this one if there aren't enough pups to fill the deposits?
    -Barton Ramsey

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    I don't take deposits until they are two weeks old, but you should count heads and not spines on an xray
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    Our deposits are refundable. We usually take six and put the others on a waiting list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David McCracken View Post
    Our deposits are refundable. We usually take six and put the others on a waiting list.

    Refundable or, can get on wait list for next litter... up to 6 then a wait list
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    Senior Member Amy Avery's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by David McCracken View Post
    Our deposits are refundable. We usually take six and put the others on a waiting list.
    Same here, 3 Females & 3 Males, refund or apply deposit to next litter.
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    Senior Member Howard N's Avatar
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    I won't take money until the pups are on the ground and have their first vet visit for dew claws and health checked. I will keep a list and then email people on the list when the litter is bred and again when the pups are born.
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    Senior Member fishin444's Avatar
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    I'm with Howard N on this one. On the ground and at the vet for dewclaw removal. I will list them for sale after they are whelped though. I do offer a refundable deposit also.

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    Senior Member suepuff's Avatar
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    I don't take deposits until they are on the ground either. I have a list and those people get updates as things progress. Then when they're born the potential owners have priority in the order they had inquired. Deposits are refundable. They pick a pup after I have made my choice at 8 weeks.

    Sue Puff
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    Senior Member Julie R.'s Avatar
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    I too prefer to wait til a litter has been born, because I think it's a jinx to take money, even after a pregnancy's been confirmed by ultrasound. My current litter, people on the list insisted on sending deposits because we knew from ultrasound it would be small. Vet saw 5 pups and he's been accurate within one or two pups on my others. So I had 4 deposits, even though I didn't cash them til after birth. And, once more it turned into a jinx, the vet was, indeed off by one puppy (4 born) and, they were all males. I will not be taking money before pups are a few days old on future litters!
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    Me too....have not taken anything but names and phone numbers on Karma and Holland's litter. Too many disappointments till the puppies are born and confirmed happy. Been there done that trying to buy a Pup.


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