On another thread there was a discussion of a wonderful weekend had by the janitor - my comment being to enjoy the experience as there would be others not quite so enjoyable.

Folks trying to be relevant posted & I responded to those posts, but it seems the resident legal mind decided he would enter the fray -

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{I'm sure Marvin is prolly disappointed that you didn't rise to the bait }
Are you a mind reader? Do you have any idea what I was presenting? Do you believe I was baiting anyone? So I went looking for pelts by mjh & couldn't find any . That does not surprise me. There's a lot of things that go on on the forums but the only folks that really impress me are those folks that train or substantially participate in the training of their own dogs, don't use some cheap Co-Owner ruse to scam the system, accept what titles they are personally able to attain on their dogs, & keep their nose out of venues they don't understand .