Question what kind of Youth Shotgun?
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Thread: Question what kind of Youth Shotgun?

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    Default Question what kind of Youth Shotgun?

    My 8 year daughter just passed the Maryland hunter safety course. Can you tell I'm proud of her? We've been working for the past month on the concepts in the Hunter safety booklet. Anyways I told her I would buy her a youth shotgun if she passed the test. So now its my turn.

    I'm looking for something that she can get the most hunting ablity out of and is very light. I've looked at several guns but most are two heavy for her to hold up.

    The one gun that I did find is the Franchi Semi-Auto 48AL 20 gage short stock. I've never owned a Franchi gun although I know Benelli owns them. Does any own have an opinion on this gun or others that would be good for her?


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    Senior Member Bob Gutermuth's Avatar
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    Franchi also makes a very light 28ga semi. For my money the 28 is a great gun for a new hunter, more shot and a bigger pattern than a .410bore, thus a better chance of success for the new hunter. The semi will also dampen recoil better than any other action. If you are concerned about her having more than one shot, simply plug the magazine so that the only shell the gun holds is in the chamber. When she gets the hang of things you can shorten the plug and she has a repeater. Any action, semi, pump or double, is in my book much safer than a single shot with a hammer that needs to be manually cocked before shooting.
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    Senior Member Latisha's Avatar
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    I have shot over the Franchi 28 ga & I really really liked it. I am a petite female (5' 2") and this gun fit great. I shot sporting clay loads & there was not much recoil. Like Bob said, this gun was not heavy at all. I ended up buying a Winchester Model 120 Ranger 20 ga youth model. I got a great deal on it, and when the time comes that I have pennies saved for a semi, I will really look at the Franchi.


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    Senior Member goldeneye's Avatar
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    The winchester model 120 20 ga. is an excellent shotgun for a kids first gun. My kids each have or have had one.

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    Senior Member dmccarty's Avatar
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    A good meat gun for small hunters is Traditions. It is semi-auto, 12g capable of shooting 3" shells, but can shoot light loads as well. Comes in Mossy Oak Shadowgrass I believe. It is advertised as the lightest semi-auto in the world. Retails for about $500.

    I have one and really like it.

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    Default youth shotgun

    Beretta makes a youth model 20 ga 391. 25in barrel and reduced length stock. I bought one for my son and have on ocassion taken it into the grouse woods myself as it is light and quick.

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    Member Doug Trautman's Avatar
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    I bought the Franchi for my wife, she is petite so needed a short stock that would fit. We mainly duck hunt, the franchi gives you the option of 3 inch shells and an adjustable recoil. She loves it, just wish I could get her to wait until the ducks come in a little closer!!!!!!

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    Member barngeatbayman's Avatar
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    try a single shot gun much safer. They have to cock the hammer back to fire. Also teaches a younster to make the 1 st shot count!

    keep swinging

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    Senior Member Jim Person's Avatar
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    for a first gun I'd go with a single shot or a pump. It is just too easy to squeeze the trigger for a second shot, with the single shot it is just safer and the pump they have to physically rack in a second shot.
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    I agree with Jim, it is too easy to squeeze off that second or third shot with a semi-auto. It is more of a safety concern to me than anything else. If for any reason the child slips or falls back after the first shot and the gun barrel goes into the air, having a single shot could prevent an accidental discharge.

    Remington 870 express youth 20ga.

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