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Thread: Navy SEAL Team 6

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    Default Navy SEAL Team 6

    This paragraph turned up in an article on Mr. Conservative. I have some vague memory of seeing this reported somewhere before WRT the parents of the SEALS who felt that the WH put a target on their backs by identifying which team had gone to Bin Laden's compound. Wondering if anyone else has something to clarify.

    The administration immediately identified the SEAL Team responsible for bin Ladenís death. Then, a mere three months later, the U.S. military put seventeen of those Team members on an improperly secured plane despite chatter about their being targets (thanks to the administrationsí boasts). All seventeen died, as well as twenty-one other American and Afghani military personnel. When the military held a formal funeral service for Americaís slain warriors, it didnít accord them the same honor the administration claimed to have given bin Laden: it denied them a funeral consistent with their faith (Christian) and, instead, substituted a Muslim invocation that, in pro forma fashion, cursed them as infidels.
    Could there be any jerk who could have done something this dumb? ... had a Muslim give their funeral invocation?
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    I saw that also, I can only pray that one day the people will come out of their comma and rise again.

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    Are you saying that the bodies were not flown home?
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