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Thread: Help with my 10.5 month Chocolate Female (whining, dominance?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kjrockohld View Post
    I’m definitely looking forward to the June training day, I talked with one of the guys last night, and he got to watch my pup a little bit, and he said that there’s folks at the training days that could definitely help.
    Good - he's probably right. It'll be a continued work in progress as some dogs are just more vocal or strung. It's expressive, it's just not permissible. The main thing is learning how to manage the pup so as not to inadvertently make it worse - and that's where hands-on help, should help.

    As far as focusing on you...when I say 'deeper' I don't mean when you're throwing a mark or enforcing obedience. I'm suggesting you keep a constant mental leash on the dog in everything you do outside the crate. Stimulate the pups mind all the time so it learns to focus on you, or be especially aware of you, every time you are out. If the pups learns to keep in check, the pup won't have time to stray into more devious acts. I am NOT talking about constant 'commands' or no freedom, but rather developing the animal to look to you for guidance and acceptable behavior. Keep her mind busy and thinking about you, not her petulant self. That can only occur if you make it the dogs life/relationship with you all the time, not just when you're 'training' or 'need' good behavior.
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    NO DOG DAY CARE. If you have the slightest doubt in your dog's safety around other dogs, sending her to dog day care is a flat out irresponsible decision. The quality of dog day cares varies wildly, but even well run businesses with small play groups and trained staff are not places for dogs that snark at other dogs. Things happen.

    Personally, I wouldn't be taking her to dog parks either. It's your responsibility to protect her from rude dogs (which are the only dogs I have ever run into at dog parks) and unfettered off leash play with other dogs isn't going to help your whining/impulse control problem.
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    Just my opinion...

    Stop all gun dog training and apply ... Who's In Charge Here... A lesson in becoming ALPHA.

    I would also work on Obedience keeping it positive with lots ofpraise. Set the dog up to win as much as possible.

    Also read Nothing In Life Is Free

    The age frame is right on for a dog to test the owner if they really mean what they say. Lots of dog do this around 9 months old. That is the time for ALPHA training to start.

    I am sure all this will help the problem.
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    Just an update:
    Pup has been doing a lot better. Instead of focusing "just" on the whining. I stepped back a bit and really reinforced a sit standard. I noticed that she would "sit" with her butt a few inches off the ground, as tense as a spring, ready to go. Once I reinforced a true sit (using methods I've found on here, i.e. - no retrieve, waiting her out to do what she asks before retrieve, etc.), that her whining has almost disappeared. She still whines a little now and then when we first get started with marks, but once she realized she won't be rewarded, she knocks it off quick. Just wanted to update ya'll
    thanks for the help

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    Dog socialization is a ongoing process, I'd consider this more of a teenager feeling her oats; telling others I'm big dog or stay out of my space, than aggression, other dogs are usually the most useful in settling these attitudes. If you've got training buddies that have well socialized older female dominate types, or a pack of several older dogs, you should visit, and let her run with them. The old matrons are really good at taking care of teenagers who get too big for their britches, without hurting them. If you wait and keep her isolated it can escalate into her not being able to be around other dogs, you need to get her around, many well mannered-controlled dogs. Most females will try to establish order if there is none, there is no order at Dog Parks, or OB classes. Dogs of those type are usually ill mannered, with no boundaries. It's not your dogs fault if she get pushy with ill mannered dogs, those type cannot read the stay back signs she's sending out, having her around dogs of that type will not teach her proper interaction, it will probably make things worse. If she gets too pushy around well mannered dogs, they'll take care of it for you. She's at a very impressionable age, keep her around dogs that can give her the best impressions.
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