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Thread: immune mediated thrombocytopenia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad View Post
    What does NEU mean on a blood test? It was a little high today.
    I didnt think about it at vet. I hope all goes well.
    Thanks, Brad
    Neutrophil count- one type of white blood cell.
    thrombocytopenia mean low platelet count- can have multiple cause, may be a long term problem or a short term is related to a toxic reaction to something. Way to complicated to discuss in this forum. Look for info at
    Nate Baxter, DVM
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    Neutrophils being elevated in the context of other parameters may suggest the body is attempting to fight off a perceived threat/infection (including the dog's own platelets). However, this elevated neutrophils in the absence of other signs and symptoms can be a result of the prednisone (fully expected side effect of the drug).
    We recently lost a shih tzu to IMHA (immune mediated hemolytic uremia). Immune disorders/diseases can present in a very unclear fashion in humans, and with my limited knowledge of animal medicine --- I can only imagine it's much more difficult in animals.
    I recall our vet trips, the rollercoaster ride through the illness process, and almost daily diagnosis changes. I hope you all the best.
    Best of luck with your dog and his health.
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    IMHA is a severe potentially life threatening disease in dogs while IMT is much less severe and predictably responsive to treatment. The neutrophilia secondary to corticosteroids is common.

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    She had a spell about 2 weeks ago where she was was throwing up a lot and took her back to ER clinic. Er doc and my vet asked if she could have eaten a mushroom. Very possible.
    Platlets and liver enzymes are back to normal, but there where a couple other things still off but heading in the right direction. Down to 1/2 prednisone every 2 days for two weeks then retest in a month
    Guess ill never know if it was tick desease or mushroom or ????
    Shes been acting fine.
    Hopefully just a mushroom

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