Weird Spambot Activity on these sure you have a strong password *GDG*
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Thread: Weird Spambot Activity on these sure you have a strong password *GDG*

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    Default Weird Spambot Activity on these sure you have a strong password *GDG*

    Dear RTF folks,

    A new spammer has really been making things extra challenging. I am aware of several accounts, both on RTF as well as some other boards, where someone is trying to log in as an user, guessing at their password.

    This may be manual, or it may be a "spambot" with some sort of program rapidly doing through the motions.

    It appears that most, but not all accounts being tried are through the memberlist, in order. So the accounts that get hit mostly are those whose usernames begin with a number, rather than a letter. For example, "12Dogman", would be much more likely to get hit than just "Dogman".

    Here is my suggestion: We are not having a big issue with "identity theft" at this point. We have, however, had one particular spammer really hammer away at a few different avenues into RTF. IF you have a "strong" password, which can not easily be guessed within 5 guesses, (an easy password would be "password" or "1234" or "qwerty"), you may want to just lay low.

    If someone tries to access your account 5 times unsuccessfully, you should receive a notification automatically via email. (this assumes your email on record is current and valid). If you don't get one of these notices, probably no need to worry.

    If you are getting repeat notification, you may want to contact me about an username change. Also, you may want to go to "settings" found after logging in under the Gundog Broker Banner, and then follow prompts to a stronger password reset from your current.

    Thanks, Let me know please if you have issues.

    "A smile relieves a heart that grieves"

    - Mick Jagger/Keith Richards

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    Thanks for that. I have noticed my spam has gone from the normal 2 to about 23 a day lately.

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