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Thread: Looking for Information

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    Default Looking for Information

    I am about to start a couple of new pups. Can anyone give me his or her opinions on sources of information on?

    a.)The whelping of retrievers and
    b.) Jackie Merten?s ?Sound Beginnings Retriever Training?

    Richard Cheatham @ RedStar

    "All sloppy and no Joe." Bobby Hill 2005

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    Default Re: Sound Beginnings

    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Stroyan
    Sound Beginnings is fine, but strictly for first time puppy buyers.
    Keith's right
    Howard Niemi

    You really gotta be careful about how high a pedestal you put your method, your accomplishments, your dog on. There's usually someone who's done more, somewhere. And they may have used a different method than you did! Chris Atkinson 2013

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