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Thread: The "walk-off"

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    I have had handlers tell me before the test that they plan to pick the dog up after the marks before sending him (to correct creeping, vocalization, etc.). I don't have a problem with this if there is no honor dog involved. However, an honor dog needs to see multiple marks and a dog sent before being released, so I will ask the handler to wait until there is not an honor.
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    Up until the recent past, If you were on the grounds, you had to run your dog , unless there was a plausible mitigating reason for not doing so (The safety and/or health of your dog was one of these reasons ). ......

    Under the rules in place at that time you could not, not run one test, then simply run either that test with another dog, or another test with either that or a different dog.

    It was in that context that the handler would ASK the judge for permission to "pick up "the dog , and when told by the Judges that they may do so, would leave the line with the dog.

    IMHO Protests such as those described herein were then and still are in violation, and at the very least, would, depending on the judge, open the handler up to problematic outcomes.

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    This is crazy. Does this stuff really happen? It all seems pretty petty to me, what's the point? To make the judges feel bad?
    Exactly! Maybe these dog games don't matter that much to me...Certainly not enough for me to make a giant spectacle out of myself....What a waste of everyones time...Including your own.

    If you're going to walk off for a "training" purpose, thats cool...But for some passive aggresssive type of protest???BOOOO You stink....Whats next hand cuffing yourself to the holding blind? Lighting yourself on fire???
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    If it was the for the fact that it was the Fall Grand i would have pulled my dog from the water set up in the mud! "mudzilla"!!!! Was actually affraid that my dog was going to hurt himself in that crap!!! Couple dogs were hurt that week in that stuff!! There would have been a lot of scratches from that test if it was a weekend test!
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