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Thread: Puppy Question

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    My last pup came home at 7 weeks because it fit my schedule. In 3 years I'll let you know if I shoulda waited another week.

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    Think about it this way too. The older they are (to a point), the more reliable the vet well check is going to be. Most ACVOs around here won't want to do a CERF until sometime between 7 and 8 wks at minimum for good reason also (maturity). What is the rush if the breeder is doing a good job? I have 5.5 wk olds right now and there is NO WAY I'd consider letting them go in 5 days... 8 wks for me.

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    There is quite a difference of opinion on this subject with some believing that 49 days is the magic day for them to go to their new home. The other group believes that at least 9 weeks is the proper time. I have raised a few litters and there have been times when 1 or 2 of the puppies in the litter became very dominant and I thought they got pretty rough with some of the other puppies. In those situations I was glad that they were going home in the 7 week range rather than continuing to have to experience the dominance from the other puppy.

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    First of all, depending on where the litter is or where you are, bringing a pup home at this age is illegal.

    Second, and more importantly, at 44 days the pups are just entering the age of socialization. Prior to this it was all about "me". Now the pup is learning that there are others out there and they need to be recognized and reckoned with. It is during this period that pups learn bite inhibition, start learning toilet habits and tons more. Tons of canine behavior that you can't teach.

    If this is the only time to get the puppy, I'd think long and hard about finding another puppy. Through a mix-up, I got one once a bit younger than this and the first 6 months were an absolute nightmare.

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