Has anyone used this to help control fleas?
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Thread: Has anyone used this to help control fleas?

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    Default Has anyone used this to help control fleas?


    i bought some when I was buying a different type for my garden. Seems to work, but I never really have a flea problem. I usually get an outbreak of fleas once a year so I don't know if this helps or not but it doesn't seem to hurt.
    Just wondering if anyone has tried the same thing and ow it worked.
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    Corey Burke

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    Corey, I'm like you, usually get one "breakout" in June/July, we usually do a dose of Comfortis then and then don't have to use anything else before or after for the year. This year "may" be different since we have client dogs coming in, so far they have all been on Trifectis before they get here, so nothing has been coming in. We've used some Frontline already this year even though we don't normally have to use anything just to make sure there weren't any on puppies (didn't see any, but saw "dirt", but it may have been where they were rolling around playing). I would like to know as well since it would reduce the need for a pesticide, I do know that a friend that has a goat dairy uses the fly predators and that it works fairly well for them.
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    get Bayer tree and shrub, it is in a blue bottle, I and ton's of other people have used this for years, put a line right down the dogs back, fleas will not bother your dog, if ground has fleas you can spray it. but with putting it on the dog it stops the breeding cycle of the flea so they all die out any how.
    get the regular tree & shrub not the one with fertlizer. Lowes has it.

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    here is just one thread on the Bayer tree and shrub. but if you go to UKCdogs.com and do a search there are a bunch of threads on it.

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