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Thread: orijen large breed puppy

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    Champion put that on the website? That it has never had a recall?

    First recall was for mad cow. Second was for dangerous fish bones. Third recall was dead cats in Australia. Fourth was Salmonella in Acana. There was also an incident of moldly Regional Red being shipped.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gotta Lotta Zoom View Post
    I looked at it online and was leaning towards acana but i couldnt find the puppy food. Where you getting yours at?

    The acana classics, including the puppy line, are not sold in the US. I am using the regional variety, Wild Prairie. I chose the wild prairie because it is low in calcium, which is typical for puppy food. The thought being too much calcium will speed bone growth, which is what you want to avoid.

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    Orijen I don't believe has ever had a recall. My puppy switched to large breed puppy food and his poop immediately improved. The food even though it is dried looks great my puppies coat, stool, and health have improved immensely it would take a lot to convince me to ever feed another brand.

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    I do recall hearing about the fish bones in a batch of Orijen. In most commercial foods the stuff they call "fish" would be so processed by the time it got to the bag there would be no bones left!

    The Australian issue was not due to Champion's food, but due to the Australian governments obtuse standards which state that Orijen was not processed at a high enough temperature (to preserve the nutritional integrity of the high quality ingredients they use), so the food was irradiated upon entry to Australia to insure it was "safe". Apparently, that created a reaction that made the food unsafe. Credit the whacko Libs in Australia, not Orijen.

    The salmonella charge seems to be from one lot of Arcana Grasslands, in spite of the long list of FDA Import refusal reports. Note that the FDA DID NOT do any testing of their own or have a private lab do testing for them! My faith in our government doesn't give this a lot of credability. Salmonella is not a great threat to healthy dogs. More a concern for humans or canines with weakened immune systems. My dogs eat thing that would gag a buzzard!

    I've fed Orijen Large Breed Puppy to my last two puppies. Go easy with it and you will have good stools, but more importantly great nutrition!

    Jeff Swackhamer

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