Rowdy (by Pirate) yard work milestones
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Thread: Rowdy (by Pirate) yard work milestones

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    Default Rowdy (by Pirate) yard work milestones

    Several people have asked when did I start certain elements of Rowdy's yard work. Below is the milestones for Rowdy. I don't recommend that anyone set these as the standard because every dog will progress differently. These are just my experiences with Rowdy. Here are Rowdy's:
    Born 3/30/12
    Came Home 5/18/12
    Walks in yard 5/20/12
    Jumping over log in backyard 5/23/12
    Retrieving duck wing 5/25/12
    Walked in tall grass at kennel 5/24/12
    Retrieved dead pigeons 5/26/12
    Started wearing strap collar with eight foot lead 5/29/12
    Started to teach sit 6/1/12
    Started Mertens with treats 6/7/12
    Did here with treats 6/8/12
    Playing on ff table 6/17/12
    Learing about loading ramp 6/20/12
    Switched to Hillman 6/25/12
    Started gunshyness prevention program-cap gun while eating 6/28/12
    Sitting on whistle 7/9/12
    Switched to Lardy 7/26/12
    Bird boy thrown marks 8/4/12
    Intro to dead ducks 8/25/12
    Intro to retrieving dead ducks in water 9/7/12
    Started wearing ecollar turned off 9/10/12
    Started force hold on table 9/12/12
    Completed force hold on ground 9/19/12
    First ecollar session on here 9/28/13
    Started force fetch on table 10/1/12
    Completed ff on table and started force fetch on ground at end of session 10/4/12
    Started walking ff 10/5/12
    Completed walking ff 10/12/12 (the last two days I introduced dokkens, BB bumpers, etc)
    Started stick fetch 10/15/12
    Completed stick fetch 10/16/12
    Started simple casting 10/17/12
    Completed simple casting 10/29/12
    Started ecollar conditioning 11/5/12
    Completed ecollar conditioning 11/12/12
    Returned to three hand casting 11/13/12
    Started ecollar fetch 11/13/12
    First FTP session 11/15/12
    Started T baseline 12/17/12
    Completed T 2/1/13
    Started Pattern Blinds 2/5/13
    Completed Pattern Blinds 2/29/13
    Started 8 hand casting 2/28/13
    Started Swimby 3/30/13
    Confirmation of swimby at another pond 5/13/13
    Started Water de-cheating 5/14/13

    I had back surgery on 6/26/12 which slowed down training a bit.
    I had a gap between completing force hold and starting force fetch. I was waiting for him to get to be six months old and maturing a little bit more. Just judgment on my part.

    The total time for ff with Rowdy was about 24 days (elapsed time a month and four days) but I would say that he was an exception rather than the rule. For instance only four days of ff on the table is rare.

    I would think six weeks would be the average I have experienced for the above but some have taken much longer.

    Swimby seemed to take forever. Not an issue with Rowdy but the weather. I must have started and stopped at least six times. The weather was awful this spring. Ever time I started a cold front would come through.
    I am looking at my training log to see if I can develop something similar for field work.

    I hope this helps.
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    Thanks for posting Wayne,

    I'm a sucker for journals, I find them very helpful.
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