Dutch Fur Farmers
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Thread: Dutch Fur Farmers

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    Default Dutch Fur Farmers

    Interesting ...
    Dutch fur farmers are in court on Wednesday arguing their case for
    compensation when the industry is finally closed down in 2024.

    The country’s 160 fur farmers will submit claims that could reach €1bn,
    chairman of the mink farmers' association Wim Verhagen told television
    programme Nieuwsuur.

    Fur farmers are prepared to take the issue to the European Court of
    Human Rights, Verhagen said. ‘It is a question of principle,’ he said.
    ‘If the state can appropriate our livelihoods without damages, they can
    do that to any entrepreneur.’

    In December, the senate finally backed proposals to phase out fur
    farming in the Netherlands, leading to a total ban by 2024.

    The Netherlands is one of the biggest fur farming countries in the
    world, with around 160 farms producing five million pelts a year.
    I wonder if the animal activists could bring about something like this here?

    I'd guess that mink coats are going to get pretty pricey.
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    Yep. They have already been successful in banning certain types of hunting that is legal in many places on purely emotional grounds.
    Bill Davis

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    Now their cradle to grave system is in jeopardy. All is not well in EUtopia.

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