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A lot of dogs that are slow on the return do so because somewhere pressure was added to cause it. My correction for a slow return is me jumping up and down in an excited manner while calling the dog in verbably. Try it and I.m sure he will speed up just to see whats going on with you. Sometimes they are plain bored. If thats the case stop and throw him a happy bumper away from the T then continue. Or don't run so many to the back pile. By that I mean if you have 12 bumpers at the back pile a two at eack over pile cut back to 8 and 1 and 1. Put the dog away wanting more.

Some programs want you to deliberatly "sit" the dog as he returns with the bumper.
I was cautioned NOT to do very much or NONE of it. They felt it definatly slowed the return,,

Instead Here! Nick! and praise when the speed improves.

This all teaches the Go, Stop,Come routine that you want to see in early blinds.