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Thread: Field trial lingo

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    Default Field trial lingo

    Hey everyone just wondering if anyone coud explain some information on field trials?
    whats the difference between qual and derby?

    what does jam mean? Scratch? What are the prizes that can be won?
    what is qaa? Any other information I'm leaving out would be nice too!

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    I know a few answers but maybe some of the dedicated field trialers can jump in.
    JAM is Judges Award of Merit. Dog finished the test but did not place in the top four.
    Derby is an event for dogs under two. There are no blinds just marks and only doubles
    QAA is Qualified All Age.

    Scratch means that the owner decided not to run the dog for some reason: injury, came into season, etc.

    After a dog ages out of the derby (older that two) the next test he would run would be the qual. Note: some dogs under two also run in a qual. The qual is a more advanced test than the derby. For instance, the dog would see triples and blinds.

    I don't think there are any monetary prizes. Just ribbons and some token items: cups, plaques, etc. In SRS (not a part of field trials) there are monetary prizes.

    Hope this helps.
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    Here's a good glossary to go over that Chris or someone else put up years ago:
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