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Thread: Noise

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    Default Noise

    I know that it is not desirable to have a dog that is noisy on the line, but how bad a fault is it if a dog barks on take-off, or if a dog dog yelps, with excitement, while swimming toward a water mark. Recently, I was told by a judge that barking while swimming is a serious fault. Thoughts?
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    Aside from the risk of drowning, barking while swimming, or doing anything else, while under judgement, will affect your chances of passing or winning. Barking while swimming seems a little over the top. An excited quiet whine while on the way to a mark could get style points! To say any noise is an automatic out, is wrong.
    Too much noise, is usually determined by the judges interpretation of the rule book. The rulebooks outline how it should be judged. It is looked upon in the same light as other unruly behavior. Is the behavior unruly? Or just an outrageous expression of style?
    Either way, you don't want noise in your dog.
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    Regarding noise I believe the rule book says something to the effect of " to point of disturbing the hunt". Once the dog is released the hunt is over?

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