I am working on the history of Goldens in Master Nationals since their beginning in 1991. The hardest thing has been to find good photos of the Finalists. With tremendous appreciation and thanks to Bruce Bachert, I have been able to get a lot of information about the physical aspects of those Master Nationals. Now I want to have photos to honor the dogs. I have tracked down photos from 1991 through 1995 and am now working on 1996 through 2000. Can anybody help me re photos from that era, including candid shots, funny stories, etc.

This will go into issues of the Golden Retriever News as well as going into the GRCA Archives.

I need photos of Wherley's White Lightning MH owned by Robert Wherley; Sungold Arizona Moss MH owned by Greg & Sue Gintoff, and Malcairn Luv Duncan Quackers MH owned by Sue and Tony Nelson. Also Sunfire's Regal Sidekick MH owned by J. M. & Katheryn Barth, and Trifecta's Duckboat Buddy MH, owned by Scott Baker for starters.

If you can send me contact info for any of the above owners I would be extremely grateful! If you can send me photos of any of them, I will probably write you into my will.

Thanks for any help. If you have friends who ran those Master Nationals including '98, '99, and 2000, would you give them my contact info as well as I soon will be listing some of their names.

Glenda Brown