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Thread: Best Registered Name

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    Hold My Beer & Watch This. (Cold-B)

    Named after a friend that had his kid hold his beer when he jumped a bicycle ramp to show off and ended up breaking his collar bone.
    Bubba Joiner

    HRCH Hold My Beer & Watch This ***
    Hope She's A Duk Dawg NDL***
    HRCH UH Ridgewood's Georgia Dawg (500 point club)
    HRCH Ridgewood's Gold II

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firemanf21 View Post
    My son has a Lab and im thinking aout getting one. Still havent decided but if I do I've got the name picked out.

    Fireman's Bustin Glass and Kickin Azz call name Fire.

    What do yall think
    I think you should never give a pup a call name you do not want to yell at 3am in an out of state motel parking lot
    "So what is big is not always the Trout nor the Deer but the chance, the being there. And what is full is not necessarily the creel nor the freezer, but the memory." ~ Aldo Leopold

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    Quote Originally Posted by roseberry View Post

    so i named him "roseberry's renegade blue", call name "blue".

    is that not the most unoriginal, common, pitiful attempt to name a puppy y'all ever heard? he is a pretty nice dog, he gives me a lot more effort than i put into naming him! lol
    Had to chuckle at this comment of yours. I am currently trying to come up with a clever registered name for my pup Henry. It's not an easy thing to do. I have been trying to play off the song I'm Henry VIII I Am but haven't had any luck yet.

    I always liked the registered name of Beck's Frequent Flyer ... call name "Miles".
    Life is Good . . . Do what you like - Like what you do.

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    I have had goldens all my life. Most have had names that reflect spirituality in some way. Some I have now: Francalia Spirit In The Skye (Skye), Francalia Above It All (Star), Francalia Let There Be Light (Sunshine). I've taken a step to the dark side and now have a black lab in the golden mix. So to stick with somewhat of a theme, her name is Francalia's Forbidden Fruit (Apple).
    Denise Page
    "Any woman who thinks diamonds are a girl's best friend never had a dog."

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    Andy Anderson had a black Lab male registered AKC name
    "O J you are killing me".

    Doesn't get any better than that!!
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    dont know if it was the best, but always seemed to generate some discussion, but my former State Controller (Ca) and friend the late Ken Cory had a dog named FC AFC Rodney's Mr. M.L. Coon...Ken was a Democrat from our very conservative area in Orange County Ca. He started as my local state Assemblyman, back when he went door to door meeting his constituents
    Executor of the Alanson C Brown III - Trust

    Quote Originally Posted by lanse brown View Post
    A few things that I learned still ring true. "Lanse when you get a gift, say thank you and walk away. When you get a screwing walk away. You are going to get a lot more screwings than gifts"

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    Justice Dogs will like this one... It has been so long ago some (or most) is probably wrong. But about 25 years ago or more I think it was Eva Proby who had a dog named
    So Sue Me. I think the spelling was Sosumi.

    Dr Ed or someone who has been around longer than me feel free to correct me on this one. I remember the dogs name. The rest is fuzzy.
    Bill Davis

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    Malli's Golden Glimmer of Gods Grace--call name is Alli because used alliteration in her name.
    Midnight Lunar Eclipse--call name Luna
    Derriks Delta Dawn--call name DeeDee

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    I seem to have my dogs names picked out long before they come along. I donít know why. Sometimes a name pops into my head and it sticks.

    Current dogs.

    Corbettís Operation Chaos CDX, SH, WCI, CC, CGC Call name Chaos
    She was my construction litter. My motherís Maiden name is Corbett. All girls no boys to carry on the family name so I figured I would give it a try with the dogs.

    Operation Chaos well like I said the litter was born during contraction on my house. I added a huge addition for my parents to move in with me when they retired. The pups were exposed to all sorts of sounds and commotion.

    Riverbenz Pasta Primavera CD, SH, WCX, CGC, CC call name Pasta
    Years and years ago I was on the Atkins food diet. The one you couldnít eat Pasta. I LOVE pasta. Yes I am Italian. So I always said next yellow girl I get will be names Pasta.

    I recently bred her and kept a pup.
    Corbettís Pesto Italiano Call name Pesto
    Notice the food theme LOL. I wanted to call her Meatball but no one liked it. So, I was on a Pesto kick and it stuck. It really should have been Pest-O! She is a lot of fun though.

    Growing up we neighborhood kids adopted a husband and wife that had a little farm with Ponies. We called the Uncle and Aunty even though non of us were related. They never had any kids of their own so they sort of took us all in to teach us whatever they could about caring for the animals, riding, working the land anything. They were just amazing people. If I ever keep a boy he will be named after my Uncle Clayton. He will be Corbettís Clayton Northey.

    Effective gun control is hitting what you aim at!

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    My "heart dog" was named Gator Point's Georgia Brown, call named "Sweetie". She made me look like a good handler. Miss her greatly daily. One dog I named myself, against Cleo's objection, was Gator Point's Rusty Zipper. She was Chocolate, hence Rusty, and she was fast, hence Zipper. Cleo did not like the conitation of how the zipper got rusty, but let me go ahead with the naming. Call name Zipper, a very sweet, loving loyal pup. Bill
    'Show up for work, do the best job you can and treat others the way you would like to be treated'

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