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Thread: Holder ... do not offend Muslims

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeus3925 View Post
    Some Muslims are radical, most are not.
    Why do you think that most are not radical ?

    "To become competent in governing others, we must first learn to govern ourselves"
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    Quote Originally Posted by roseberry View Post
    fine them, fine them, shut them down!

    ok let's see?
    1. it is an "impossible" problem that we as a federal government can't possibly control, even though our "bureaucratic tentacles"(sp?) are inserted into all aspects of the daily lives of our citizens.
    2. it is an "impossible" problem that we as a federal government can't possibly control, even though we have seized inexhaustable amounts of funding from our working citizens to perform such tasks for our citizens.
    3. it is an "impossible" problem that we as a federal government can't possibly control, because we think it is discriminatory, an act of profiling and even racist to ask for identification at a routine traffic stop. as such we will sue any state or district that disagrees.
    4. it is an "impossible" problem that we as a federal government can't possible control, because we wouldn't want to ask for a form of identification and disinfranchise anyone(especially illegals) at a polling place in a national election.
    5. it is an "impossible" problem that we as a federal government can't possibly control, since we as democrats in this government have aborted over 40 million of our voters since 1972 and we have to replace them with someone.
    6. it is an "impossible" problem that we as a federal government can't possibly control, since we as republicans in this government are so closely aligned with this voting demographic philosophically because of their predominately Roman Catholic values.(speaking of hispanic illegals here obviously) we just need to communicate this better.
    7. it is an "impossible" problem that we as a federal government can't possibly control, BECAUSE WE JUST NEVER WANTED TO ANYHOW!!!

    8. but i tell you what, why don't we as a federal government pass a law to fine, fine and shut down any business who hires one of these folks. we wouldn't ask for i.d. but there is no reason we shouldn't make ol' roseberry do it! we already took $35K from the small business owner this year alone in human resources fte additions and compliance costs. then we can tell all the illegals when they are reported and picked up by ICE to just say these four words, "i am a dreamer"....and we will be forced by law to let them go. hey, we wanted them here anyway, but all this regulation, incumberance and "lots of pain" to businesses will make citizens like golddogs very happy!

    you should run for office golddogs your attitude would fit right in!
    First off John, I said ALMOST impossible.

    Second, I am a small business and have had many opportunities to hire undocumented workers. A friend of a subcontrator, or he is my cousin. No SS#, no ID, no job.Period.

    I have many latin subs who have come here to find work and are great at it. But they all have done it thru channels.

    ANY business, knowingly hiring undocumented workers, should be Fined, double fined then shut down, IMHO. And it has nothing to do with being anti business. It has to do with breaking the law and hurting all of those doing things the right way. And they will continue to do it unless a lot of pain is attached.

    Again,,Just my humble opinion.
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    The people in TN did not take kindly to the DOJ's "information night" about how Federal laws of free speech/religion are interpreted. From this report, it seems they were not polite. However, they were given some reason to be
    the AMAC speaker showed a condensed version of the [COLOR=#11B000 !important]video[/COLOR] "Welcome to Shelbyville" in which Tennesseans were portrayed as ignorant, bigoted rednecks. The rejection of the Muslim presence in Tennessee was explained away by previous resistance to integrating blacks and Hispanics.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/...#ixzz2VZMO05ZA
    If you want to foster tolerance, it doesn't really help to start with insults.

    I'm really surprised that the atheists aren't speaking up about this kind of stuff directed toward Islam. They sure have a lot to say about Christianity and Judaism.

    Where was the atheist outrage when Obama proclaimed to the UN
    "The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam" and that "Intolerance is a form of violence."

    Also, the article mentions
    Recently, Obama announced that he was launching the Muslim Outreach Summit to elicit feedback from American Muslims on how the government can better serve them. It is unprecedented for any group in the U.S. to receive this level of special consideration.

    It is particularly telling that no other group in the United States has been the focus of such a degree of attention and outreach, although FBI religious hate crime statistics from 2009 indicate that Jews are more than eight times more likely to be victims of religious hate crimes than Muslims. Yet there is no special protection afforded to Jews, no events announcing the prosecution of individuals who post material offensive to Jews, nor outreach programs to the American Jewish community to better serve their interests. When it comes to Jews and Christians, offensive remarks and portrayals are permitted under the First Amendment.
    This would seem to be accurate.

    "Know in your heart that all things are possible. We couldn't conceive of a miracle if none ever happened." -Libby Fudim

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