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Thread: Puppies like WOAH!

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    Default Puppies like WOAH!

    So we bred our girl Fly, to FC AFC Wing Magic's Louisana Roux MH. This was a TCI, and Roux's motility was a little low that day, so the vet tech told us to expect no more than 4 to 5 puppies. We did an ultrasound at halftime, and the vet told us that without doing an x-ray later, 4 to 5 was probably a pretty reasonable number.

    So yesterday I come home for lunch, and she's waiting for me. It was like something out of a Veterinary textbook - pupils dialated, temp at 99, hadn't touched her food since the night before, and sort of pacing in and out of the whelping box. I've been home for 2 minutes before she throws up, gets in the box and starts pushing. First puppy came 8 minutes later.

    After that, it was pretty steady until we got to 8 puppies. We kept thinking - there's no way. All of this took a little more than 2 hours.

    Finally, she drops number 9, and starts to rest like she's done. So we get her cleaned up, a little, and all 9 are nursing away. We go inside, I take a shower, eat dinner and go back out to check on them. I decide to take a layer of paper out of the whelping box and I start moving puppies over to the kiddie pool and counting to make sure that I do'nt leave on in the old newspaper
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Ok good they're all there.

    Wait 10!

    It seems that she had one more, but she got it out all on her own and did all of the work. No stillborns (thank God!) and she's happy as a clam.

    2 boys and 8 girls. My wife Maggie has an education as a lactation consultant (for humans) so she's been in there rotating pups, and stimulating their latch reflexes, telling me all kinds of stuff I didn't know about nursing, which apparently works on dogs too.

    Here's some pics for your enjoyment.




    Now we just gotta find them all homes!!!

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    beautiful! So glad the whelping went so well! do you have a website up?
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    lil fatties congrats
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    Adorable babies! I have a girl bred for her first litter.I tell her that 8 is a nice number....but 10! Wow! Congratulations!
    Katherine Taylor-Green AKA Honey and Grandma!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PennyRetrievers View Post
    Thanks for the kind words! We were pretty glad that it went so well too. She's a first time mom, and we weren't sure how she'd do since she's such a powerful dog.

    We're a pretty small-time operation here. We've got a facebook page up, and have an ad over in the classifieds section. Facebook is www.facebook.com/pennyretrievers

    I hope you have the dam vet checked ASAP. I learned a tough lesson and lost mine due to 13th pup left inside and she became septic and died in emergency c section. Symptoms aren't really severe till to late. Leaking was normal for having 12 pups but she was leaking infection on pups by day 3. Lost her on day 4 but she had past infection on to some pups and some got eye infections before eyes formed. Big problems for me and a long road of sleepless nights raising orphaned pups. All could have been avoided with shot of ptosin to get pup out or sometimes placenta can be left that causes same thing. Congrats on pups!!!!

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    Thanks for the advice - admittedly this is a first breeding for me too. We've been monitoring her temp and so far she seems normal. She's been eating drinking and reliveing herself like normal too and will be off to the vet tomorrow with the pups.

    We've been having to go in there and rotate the little guys to make sure everyone is getting a meal, but so far things are going well. (Knocking on wood...)

    @Billie - I tried to answer your question about a website, but one of the admins deleted my post because they said it was advertising. Sorry about that. It certanly wasn't my intent to advertise. If you'd like that information, please PM me!

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