Belly rash/welts?
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Thread: Belly rash/welts?

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    Default Belly rash/welts?

    Tonight I noticed that my YLM had some welts or a rash on his belly. I am pretty sure it has come from running through some long cover or climbing over submerged logs during training.

    Does anyone know of something that I can put on him to help the healing and itching that is not harmful to him if he licks at it?


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    If it looks kind of pimply, it could be a staph infection. I would wash it with a good antibacterial soap, And rinse the heck out of it with cool water. Over rinse actually because you don't want to leave any soap on the skin. Pat dry with a clean towel and leave it be.

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    Look up pyoderma. Sometimes can just be resolved with medicated shampoo such as 3% Chlorhexidine. Some need oral antibiotic also.
    and what Susan said.

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    One of my dogs would get horrible looking red welts on her chest/belly regularly, and her coat looked awful. Ended up taking her to a dermatology vet and getting some allergy tests run on her., the one where they shave a square and inject 63 different things into the skin to see the reaction. Nothing was off the charts but she is sensitive to dust mites and certain types of grasses. I can't remember the names of the grasses, but remember the vet said one kind, which is common here in VA, is extremely irritating to people and dogs. We did the desensitization shots which worked well for her; her coat came back pretty well and she hasn't had the welts in a long time. I try to wipe her off when she's been in tall or thick cover in spring and fall (which was when her problems seemed to be worse). I used Vetricyn on the welts and if she was itchy, she'd get benedryl.
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    How have the Gnats been in your area, they are thick in northern Minn. right now. They can do a job on a dogs belly, not to mention going up ones pants legs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JusticeDog View Post
    If it looks kind of pimply, it could be a staph infection. I would wash it with a good antibacterial soap, And rinse the heck out of it with cool water. Over rinse actually because you don't want to leave any soap on the skin. Pat dry with a clean towel and leave it be.
    This ^^^^ and Benedryl for a couple days to make dog comfortable and see if it resolves? If not, follow up with vet.
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    Based on your location and if they're red dots like the size of a marker point, I'd also say it's gnats. My dogs used to get them a lot as well in the spring and wet summer months until I started using K9 Advantix. That topical repels bugs and once I started using it, the gnat bites subsided greatly.
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    Just took a 3 month old in for sounds like very similar stuff.
    She said bathe in oatmeal shampoo that I bought
    and put pepto bismol to dry it up. If that didn't
    work after a week call in for antibiotics but try the
    above 1st. 2nd day now and working great.
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    My dogs get it every time the grass gets high. Folks who don't live run in it always blame it on the water. If running in high grass, swim the dog afterwards and towel them off real good. I get rashes all over my legs from the grass blades whenever I walk in high grass. No different. Ty got it really bad this spring after we had a day of big marks. I washed the bumps and wiped down the area with colorless iodine. Dried them out very quickly and healed faster than previous times I've tried putting Neosporin on it. Vetricin(sp?) spray had little/no effect.

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    A skin rub my sister uses for her eczema, Powder Boric acid mixed in Vaseline. Worked well when one of my pups had a red belly reaction to a change in Laundry soap, worked well when I had a reaction to the same, All Orange boxes are not Tide
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