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Please stop mentioning how close it is to the Dakotas.
There are already enough non residents coming over there. When I bought my land up there a few years ago, you would never see a posted sign. Now it is hard to find some ground that is not posted. Too many NR's not acting properly and land owners getting fed up with the hassles. Last year we had a field that was corn stubble that we shot limits of ducks and gees in every 3rd day. Land was posted. Last day of our hunt, we get there to hunt and there are some guys from Minn. that had already set up and were planning to hunt. We told them the land was posted and then an argument ensued. We left and hunted another spot but this is becoming more and more of an issue.
Now we have oil workers all over the place too.
Should not have purchased land. Better to stay mobile and migrate to the best hunting In the Dakotas.