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Thread: This makes me feel warm inside

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    Good for the rottie, I hope the little dog was ok. Poor thing. I've of my worst fears with the little dogs and pups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Hall View Post
    Last time I killed a coyote intentionally was with a tire tool, which was way too much like clubbing a dog to death for me. But to the point, most of the land we run on is rice country, and coyotes help keep the nutria and muskrats from cutting the levees, so killing them would be doing our hosts a disservice. Much the same as working around the gators that are, for practical purpose, a cash crop for landowners.
    Ours are all cattle and are also happy to see the gators gone.
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    I can't stop watching that video, even after watching it ten times, I'm still anxious as the Coyote grabs the little guy and goes to work on him, then like Superman to the rescue, here come's the Rottie!

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    Thanks for sharing brother... That's a good un!

    SHOOT EM' IN THE LIPS..........

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