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Thread: Need help with Bumper Boy Double

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    Default Need help with Bumper Boy Double

    I recently purchased a second hand Bumper Boy Double, with advanced sound and basic electronics. I'm having difficulty with the basic operation. The seller advised he had used the system a few times and did not recall how to operate the unit. I researched the unit on the web page, the example was not very helpful.

    The sound works and I'm able to get both units to launch both dummies. The problem is I can not work it in a timely fashion as the few times I have been successful the stars were aligned and I was pushing every button on the remote.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You have to push the red ARM button first then the launch button.

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    What Dawn said!

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    Set it off without any bumpers or bullets in it so you can see which bumper launches first. And what they said abouve. That is what I do b/c easiest. I have had mine at least 8y and it is great. IMO
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    I assume you have the old electronics (a rectangle shaped transmitter). I have an extra copy of the operating instructions. If you will pm me your mailing address I will send to you.
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