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Thread: Coyote danger? (GDG)

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    There's a video going around on youtube via FB showing a coyote trying to take a small dog right on the driveway of their house. Just as you're thinking that little dog is done for, here comes a Rottie, who hits that coyote in a cloud of dust and runs it off. If I can find the link I'll add it here. Never underestimate the lowly coyote, they are fearless.

    Here it is.
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    Very often a lone coyote is not alone. They will sometimes try to lure a dog further away where another two or three are waiting. Do not take chances with your dogs regardless of size. We have a lot of coyotes here and they are very bold in residential areas. Last year while dove hunting we watched several just on the fringe of some vineyards. They were definitely interested in the dogs. All were Labs, 70 lbs+ The coyotes were not too intimidated and never far away.
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    I'm a little skeptical. I find it hard to believe that neither dog would have made a sound when a coyote came near. Maybe a coyote could have grabbed a dachshund and killed it before it got a squeak out, but a 20 lb lab? If there were a lot of prairie dog holes around, it's possible the dachshund went into a hole, which is what they were bred to do. I've heard of terriers going into holes and getting themselves wedged in so they couldn't back out. Prairie dogs attract badgers, too. If the dachshund went into a badger hole, I doubt he'd come out, except as badger poop.
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    I have also heard of one coyote luring a large dog out to the woods, where a pack were waiting and finished it off....
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    I know the danger from coyotes is no joke but...
    Here's a clueless fat ass chocolate dog and (luckily) a coyote who's a bit chicken.
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    That dog would have fed Wiley and his family for a year! I don't think we have badgers here, but there is no way to know what happened. When the lab pup disappeared it was following the older dog out of the yard. So was not near enough to hear a fight if there was one. Who knows, but 2 dogs gone in 3 weeks is enough to keep me on high alert.
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    How big are the yotes in your area? The ones I have been seeing around here probably don't go 35lbs.
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    At least one went at my 85lb lab. Tore his hind end up and needed quite a few stitches to close up the bite. He was no worse the wear after a while. They will send in a female and try and sucker your dog away while the others lay and wait a short distance away. A farmer friend watched them try and lure his St. Bernard away. He was plowing his fields and could see 3 others waiting in the far fence row. The Bernard was no fool and didn't fall for it luckily. They take calves and sheep frequently in my area, so you need to be vigilante. Especially with a firearm at the ready.
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    I started hunting coyotes in the last year and let me tell you they will do whatever it takes to eat! Anyone that thinks their dog is safe and is too big for even a 20# coyote to take down is wrong!!! People are right, they will send in a female to lure another dog away, then it is game over. I saw a video last year of two coyotes taking down a perfectly healthy 200# whitetail buck. If they can take a deer that big down a dog doesn't stand a chance.

    Bottom line, try to kill every coyote you see because the one you let go might be the one that takes your dog out.
    Brandon Edmondson

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    Carol, there is a big deal going on in the front range just north of us with coyotes, people, and pets. Warnings include no unattended pets in the backyard if you are up against open space. My brother-in-law saw two in his backyard; they are up against a horse pasture in the middle of suburbia. His next door neighbor no longer has ducks in the pond in his backyard, and the chickens are gone too (which is probaby why the coyotes were there).

    If I can find the link from the Colorado Front Range I'll send it to you. They produced a youtube video about the proper way to haze coyotes as opposed to how not to haze coyotes (shoo, little dog, shoo).

    I watched a coyote set up where a single coyote tried to lure a dog out - and there was a small pack of coyotes waiting in the wings. This was when we still ran HT at Bosque del Apache. After a half hour they gave up and the whole pack came out of hiding.

    You're 70 lbers could probably take a single coyote. But not 6 or 8.

    Several of the stories offered here are exactly correct - coyotes tend to hate domestic dogs and sure like to kill them just like wolves kill coyotes. When I have my dogs out, I have all of six of them running so i don't think any pack of coyotes will try - they never have - but even a big dog

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    I don't know your county - in Bernalillo County there is no discharge of firearms. Here in San Juan County, its fish and game rules, no discharge within 150 yards of a house without written permission. Bon has the right idea.

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