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Thread: Kennel Fan

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    That's what I wasn't getting was the price of the unit. You can go to any basic auto parts store and pick up a 10" 1000cfm cooling fan for around $40 and you can set it up to pull or push air depending on what your looking for, this is going to be the next add on to my box.
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    Thank you all for feedback
    how do I go about getting that "solar netting" Or is there another solar blanket type folks use to clip to opn tail gate of Tahoe to keep sun out

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    Your "solar net" answer is in post #2.
    I have been looking also...

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    Quote Originally Posted by GooseDog View Post
    Did you attach it to the kennel?
    I have a ruff tuff intermediate. I plan to put bolts into the top of it and hang a wire between them, hang the fan off this wire upside down (it does have a hook, but it wouldn't go directly onto the kennel, still need to look if i can modify it) so that it can suck air from the rear window of my 4runner and blow directly into the cage. For really hot days I've also taken old milk jugs, filled them with water, and froze them. This will be a poor mans air conditioner, I figure if i put a frozen jug just in front or or behind the fan it would lower the temp. I've also considered putting a 2 liter frozen in the crate, but my dog is only 8 mo old and still loves to chew on everything.

    I needed a new drill anyways, home depot had a special for an impact, drill, 2 li ion compact batteries, and a charger for 99 bucks. The fan was only like 28 bucks. I think on the low setting I can get about 5 hours out of the fan. Not sure about high, but I only used high right after she was out of the truck running. I eventually might upgrade to the largest li ion battery, but I think thats about 100 bucks itself, might wait for a sale.

    I looked at the ruff tuff cooling fan, and ran it by a few electronics guru's. A typical radiator fan draws about 10amps, while they claim to only draw 3 or so... I'm assumng that is where the cost comes in, there has to be some sort of power supply/pentiometer or the like, it looks like a fuse, switch, mounting bracket, etc. I really was going to try and re-engineer it myself, but I just decided to go with the above. That CFM rating also seemed like it was on the high end for a dog crate, i'm not trying to create a wind tunnel, rather just exchange the air in the kennel.
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    Thanks to ALL for thoughts and ideas
    I have decided to purchase a "Jump Start". That is the self contained units that typically hv. Dep cell battery within as well as a menu of options such as air pump, usp port, light ,etc.
    I will be getting one that has a minimun of 12 amp hour rating and most prob 18 amp hour
    figured while spending @$65-100. It offers additional functionality and is just a neater process

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