Preparing for Hunt Tests
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Thread: Preparing for Hunt Tests

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    Senior Member road kill's Avatar
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    Default Preparing for Hunt Tests

    OK, here goes, I am sure this has been asked on this site many times.
    I have trained a few (3) GR and gotten SR's on 2 of them and 2 legs of SH on one.
    I did all but the force breaking.

    I have just recently been adopted by a BL.

    I want to begin the journey again.

    I know it has changed since we ran about 5 or 6 years ago.
    It's a long personal story why we stopped.

    Also, an incredible difference between the breeds.

    Reference materials?

    Thanks in advance....r/k

    BTW--A special thanks to Chessy1!!
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    Stan b & Elvis

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    Senior Member Ken Bora's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by road kill View Post
    Reference materials?Thanks in advance..
    all you need right here
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    also, seek out someone who is currently successfully running tests. they will be invaluable in helping you prepare for tests and knowing when you are actually ready to enter one.-Paul
    there's no good reason to fatten up a retriever.

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    Senior Member Margo Ellis's Avatar
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    Both Paul and Ken gave good advise, I would even attend a test in the area before I ran and maybe talk to a few more people there.

    Oh dust off the cooler, find a comfortable chair that travels well, scratch that you won't sit in it, I never do..... sun screen, bug dope, boots, rain gear..... what else hmmm oh hey a good sense of humor. enjoy the journey, it is a hoot. Welcome back to "the game".
    Margo Ellis

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    Senior Member pat addis's Avatar
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    also try to find a club near by

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    Senior Member road kill's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    New Berlin, WI


    Oh yeah, I will be visiting a couple of tests and get a feel before we are ready.
    Weekend Training sessions etc.
    Yard work every day.

    My goal is to get a JR on him this summer.
    Stan b & Elvis

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    I always re-read my books, watch the videos, take notes and then make up lesson plans...I revisit all this throughout the summer and keep a white board of their weekly progress...
    Dawn Nielsen (Fleming)
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    Hey you got the right kind of dog this time so nothing to it
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    I like to do simple high success marks and O.B the week leading up to the test. Other than that i don't do anything really new so to speak. I would avoid strating something that could cause a fight or shake the dogs confidence right before a test/trial.....
    Owned and handled by "HR A hunters dream of westwind JH" (Huntley)

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    Hey Roadkill Glad You made it over here. Clay AKA chessy1
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