Web Hosts that are "Club Friendly?"
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Thread: Web Hosts that are "Club Friendly?"

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    Default Web Hosts that are "Club Friendly?"

    As treasurer for our club I am looking for some recommendations for website hosts that offer the most bang for your buck. Obviously as non-profits we have to keep the cost down but also need a host that provides adequate options for an appealing site. I think we'd like to stay with a drag and drop builder so that it's easy and efficient for multiple members to operate. Our current host has a very limited format at $132/yr. Hoping we can do better so what are other clubs going with these days...? Feel free to provide links to your club sites and I'll check them out! Thanks!
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    Google sites are free!

    If you want more design/layout help, Dogwebs provides good sites. The Canadian National Master HT (http://www.canadiannationalmaster.com/index.asp?ID=3) site is done through them, as are some other Canadian HT club sites. Easy, web-based editing, and the proprietor will set up design, colour and layout to your specifications. $109/year includes all.
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    We've started a FB page...doesn't require a degree in webpage design, plus it's more "real time" for posting updates, etc...

    (and yes, not everyone has a FB account)...
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    Our club uses a facebook page after having a web site. (www.facebook/LakeOntarioHRC) The facebook is much more user friendly, anyone can post and it's free. Facebook has worked well for us.
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    Weebly remains my favorite after trying a few others. It is drag and drop. Super easy. Lots of options. Costs vary depending on your needs. I would suggest buying your domain elsewhere as it is expensive through Weebly.

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    Homestead is super awesome. Have used them for 5+ years. They recently let us know about a deal that if you sign up for a year at a time, it is $50. Don't see it listed on their website, but couldn't pass that up! And the 19.95 a month charge wasn't bad either. Easy to use and edit.
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    Black Creek uses Homestead for web page hosting, cost is $8.99/month. Nothing fancy, just basic info and it is easy to update information. We also have a Facebook which I feel is very complimentary. It's super easy to upload photos and post Club events on the calendar. I also use the FB page to post member "brags", i.e. passing a HT or other accomplishments.


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    Our club has a Facebook page along with a Wordpress website. Wordpress.com is entirely free and for something around $20 a year you can have a unique custom URL directed to your free website.

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