Introducing newborns to the dogs
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Thread: Introducing newborns to the dogs

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    Default Introducing newborns to the dogs

    My wife and I are expecting our first child sometime in the next few weeks. We have 4 dogs, 2 labs, a sheppard mix and a wiener dog. None of them have been around little babies before. What did you done when introducing a newborn to the dogs for the first time?

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    No first-hand experience (child-free and happy!) but I have read that if the dogs are used to having the run of the house you need to start getting them used to you and your wife being behind closed doors in the nursery for short periods of time...start getting them used to the change in routine and the fact that there is now one room off limits to them.

    That way when you come home the new routine will be partially established and the dogs will be less unsure.


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    I have heard about several methods... from introducing the baby immediately as if it were a long lost friend, to forbidding the dog to go anywhere near the baby, including it's accessories (blankets, bassinette, swing, etc.) When we brought our babies home back in the 80's, I don't think we gave it much thought. Showed the dog the baby when we brought her inside the house (look, here's the baby!) but discouraged any direct contact like licking or putting paws on. Dog accepted baby no problem, we were lucky, he was an easy-going dog. He quickly adopbed the habit of sleeping in the doorway to the baby's room and faithfully got up with me and baby at night.

    I think big dogs should be discouraged from thinking they are allowed to touch, lick, or lay next to babies. As the baby grows into a toddler, if the dog demonstrates a gentle, loving demeanor, more contact can be allowed, but small children should not be allowed contact with any dog unsupervised, even the little dogs. Let the dog love and protect from a safe distance. Kids are great at squeezing, pinching, pulling, biting, and hitting: betting the dog's life on it allowing itself to be abused by a toddler isn't worth it.
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    The weiner dog will probably be the one that causes the most trouble!

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    When I brought our 2nd home 8 weeks ago just brought her in the house and sat down on floor with her in my arms and let the dogs come up and check her out and sniff around just talked to the dogs normal and let them get accustomed to her. With in 5 minutes they didnt think anything more about her. Granted the 2 dogs were Shih-tzus so they arent big at all. But picked up my lab tuesday evening and same thing made him sit and brought baby down to him let him sniff and explained it was his new sister (LOL) and everything is great. Unless they are real hyper dogs will more than likely not pay attention to it once it is around til they get to toddler age. Have a 2 1/2 son and he thinks he is a little dog trainer running around trying to play fetch with the dogs. Puts a smile on your face when you see your family all laying around together.

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