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The program was started under the Bush admin. and continued by the Obama admin. This isn't a republican vs. democrat thing, it is a goverment vs. its people thing.
Henlee, I think most on this forum would agree with you. I think that this particular thread is about how the politicians don't seem to realize this! and they make it into a partisan issue.

There are a few exceptions among the pols; those who supported this stuff back when & still do; and those who opposed it from the beginning and still do. I will at least give them some credibility for their consistency.

I don't understand why the govt has to get this info from the phone companies before they need it. The phone companies keep this info. If the govt really needed something specific at any point in time they could always get it then.

Based on the partisanship of the agency personnel that was shown in the IRS & EPA, I would not be surprised if the blanket kind of monitoring being done would later be passed along for partisan purposes ... to slime like Axelrod and his ilk. THAT becomes a very big deal. I've not really been one for conspiracy theories, but the people who will twist reality of Romney being responsible for a woman's death from cancer (and lying about previous contact with the husband), it certainly does give substance to thinking in terms of this sort.This combined with Obama's post-campaign organization OFA gives further credence to the long-term use of this kind of information.